The story of how I got here


How it all started,
a NOVEL by Jackie

The first camera I ever owned isn’t something I can perfectly place in my timeline, but when I was little I remember always having one. I loved my classic polaroid as well as the skinny 90s style that printed out small sticker photos. When I was in elementary school I had a simple 35mm film camera and my parents would get the film developed for me at H-E-B. It was always the most exciting thing seeing how the photos turned out and still is.

Olympus was the brand of my first ever digital camera, stylish and bright blue. In middle school my friends and I were just getting into MySpace. I quickly became all my friends go-to for taking pictures of them to use on their profiles. This was my first ever experience with “taking portraits” and I loved it. I remember teaching myself Photoshop and trying out really outrageous effects for both their photos and mine.

Several digital cameras later, mostly waterproof because I loved taking portraits underwater, I got my first ever DSLR (camera with interchangeable lenses). Probably the most exciting gift I have ever received in my life because I had wanted one for so long!! I was in high school and brought it with me everywhere I went. I was always taking pictures of my friends and random people I didn't know in between and even during classes. Facebook was now super big (this is pre-Instagram days) and I made a habit of editing + uploading the photos I took throughout the week every Sunday during the school year for everyone to see and tag.

During those years I took both photography classes and art classes where I convinced my teacher to let me turn in photo projects instead of drawings. I entered into photography contests and became president of our photography club. On the weekends I would get together with my friends and do creative photoshoots. Come senior year, I took graduation photos.

I absolutely knew back then that being creative behind a camera was in my future, so for college I picked The Art Institute of Austin, studying both photography and video. Immediately after graduating I got a job as a photographer on a cruise ship in HAWAII. That is where my interest in portrait photography really took off as I was photographing the best thing ever; beachside elopements and adventure style family + couple sessions. Like literally in the sand on the shores of Kauai + The Big Island. We would usually end the sessions in the water with me screaming at my clients to kick water up at my camera 🤣 I photographed every private event including weddings, vow renewals, private parties and even burial at sea ceremonies. I learned then how much I loved authentic unposed photos more than anything else.

I took what I learned on the ship and the cash I saved up to start my own photography business back home in San Antonio. Now, 7 years later, Eyeronic Love has come so far and is my full time job. I am so incredibly happy that I get to live out my passion for photography documenting such special moments for people in the most authentic way possible. I get to do what I love everyday and I am forever humbled and filled with gratitude ❤️

I've had a camera in my hand since before I can remember, it's crazy. If you really want to know how it all started, here it is:



If you read all that, I applaud you. It's all 100% true and there are some pictures there to prove it! Now click the button below to get back on over to the about page 😊